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wyze cam pan manual

wyze cam pan manual

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Wyze cam pdf user guide

In this post we will learn how to setup wyze cam pan? 1080p. You can download pdf file for user guide by the company check out all information.

wyze cam pan manual

What's this camera? The camera for your security that of your room. With remote control settings through an app available on playstore and on our website check the link below to download wyze cam pan app, so that you can control the camera with this app. Stream your room each portion with this camera and control camera with the app. Camera quality is 1080p means hd.

Features of wyze cam pan manual

  • Wyze cam pan can detect sound around it after this will start recording on each noise and save the video at your online cloud storage to protect your video from any damage. But this video will save for 14 days at cloud and video duration on each sound will be 12 sec.
  • You can connect your sdcard 4gb - 32gb for continuous duration recording there is no need of sound/noise setting if you connect your card camera record video continuously.
  • Receive notifications on each susceptible activity at your phone connected with this camera.
  • See in dark night vision enable through IR LEDs but this not works through glass windows.
  • Google Assistant you can connect it with alexa voice control (only US) so through voice instruction you can control your camera.

How to setup wyze cam pan?

Just watch this below video to learn how to setup this camera.


Wyze cam Controller app Download Me

User guide pdf file wyze cam by amazon website

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