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Buy Online Roku - Express Streaming Media Player

Buy Online Roku - Express Streaming Media Player

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Doing an update on your 4k roku player review 2 years ago but now in this article we gonna look 2018, 2019 product line and see what separates roku premier and roku premier plus these devices here from the streaming roku stick plus device here and the roku ultra after that you will be able to decide which one of them is best for you......

Roku have a lot of different products too many in my opinion and not priced out different than each other so we look that what seperates the roku products and also what they have common features as well so you can make a proper buying decision.

roku express image

You are about to knowing the interest of fourth exclusure that all of these players came form roku over the last year over to free of charge have roky's team is not paying for this article or sponsorship and these opinions are my own and no one has written it before i am writing it.

device roku express

Roku Express Streaming Player

Have a look on these products of roku now what they do the picture in the image is shown is the new roku premier which is pluged in to the 4k supporting LED/Monitor/TV. It is a nice experience running and loading using the roku application in the 4k quickly and you can just one to an other app with ease over there so you can switch from google app you know netflix popsup cery quickly as well in the price on which roku premier is available is not a bad experience.

roku stock

Now what are the reasons that you might order roku?

The answer is that, roku has every nature streaming nature platform in it, including a lot of choices and co recorded shows outthere like YouTube tv, direct tv etc. And you might have the situations where your smart television doesn't have the app you need, the chances here roku have the application you need so that is one of the reason why roku is being so popular is that they support a lot. And i think this is the only product (platform) of 4k television where you can get GooglePlay, Netflix, Amazon video HBO and every other service which you know is in this single roku device.

You Not call up a drama that some body retail, you also have streaming apps that cardup in for Example Amazon has been fighting with Google for years, and we don't have a proper youtube tv app on the Amazon fire tv.

roku express features

What's also nice is that roko doesn't drive youtube want to take back the provider's video over and other there is a big difference between roku and other streaming boxes. because they are not focused on apps or games infact you will not find games in most of the roku devices they sell, they strictly going to find ways to get content deliver to you.

instruction of roku

As so many going to roku's store they don't call it an app store they call it a channel store because they have channels for you to download and that is in and you gonna really like roku because they have a lot of free things to watch some of them being adds supported but if you don't want to subscribe any thing you go find plenty of things to watch here you can check their top free list in the channel store for more details.

parts of roku

They have roku channels which is launched recently this is their first providing content form their self, their is a lot of stuff in here if you load it up a lot of movies, a lot of tv shows they aggregate free content can be stream live at the moment as well.

roku image

You can watch news, you will definitely find some videos to watch here without subscription and you will love it because they don't hide the free content behind the other stuff, they really want you to enjoy the experience here of streaming and you can gain a lot of good stuff here, and supported for free.

connect tv to roku

They also have a featured free section where you can find your favourite shows to watch free that might be add supported free channels as well so you don't want subscribe any thing? You have no doubt to watch channels without paying any thing.

Features Of Roku Streaming Media Player

Roku have a very nice search feature built in that will go across the number of different channels so you can search channels with their names or name of the actor, and movie etc. Roku which supports voice commands you can use voice commands as well.

When the result appears you can scroll it downward to choose the movie, channel or a program which old seasons you want to see for example Deep space nine (1993-1999) what you was looking for earlier you can go in and see all the different seasons of the show and then you can findout where it's available?? You will see there is Netflix, prime video, hulu as well for part of your subscription or you can buy it from google play or vudu.

This doesn't support every service but it supports a lot of the major one so you should be gonna find what you are looking for? Most of the time. You can also follow or unfollow the tv show as well and when you do that you will get notified when popsup with a new play.

And we have the My feeds at the main manu that you keep track those shows as things change so that is a pretty handy as well again the platform mastic so you going to get the stuff that you are looking for no matter where it is you can find it easily and watch it.
An other core feature of roku is that they have a very nice application which can be used with any of the roku devices, if you get the cheap roku which doesn't have the voice commands, for Example: the Apple actually let you use voice command through your phone you just tap on the micro phone button present in the application of roku and do a voice search through your phone and you get a list and use remote buttons in your phone to go in the feature or select a video to play.

The thing which i like in this app is the voice button when you don't have voice search button in your roku then you can use via phone by typing it will automatically opens a keyboard when ever you gonna search this is across all the roku's even the cheap ones and i think that is pretty handy you have that.

There is the few other co feature of the app so what are the thing i like is ability to browse the channel that you have installed in your roku right on the phone that you have to poke around the tv screens for those.

i.e. i want to loadup google play i can just tap on google play icon here here on my phone and it will be loaded directly up on my roku device and will be shown on the screen and it give me the remote control which is used to go right left up and down and find next which is pretty handy.

An other thing with this app is you can load your own photos and vidoes and music from your phone and can stream them in your roku you can add your selfies your videos etc to watch might be your kids videos family friends photos you can go for next picture and roku will display it on the television screen it is really cool stuff as well.

And out site the roku app there are few mobo apps which helps you to send you mobile content over to your roku this is some thing work across all the different roku out there.

You can stream youtube in your phone and the roku will display it on the screen you can tap on the casting icon in the youtube app of your phone snd you will be able to see the list of destinations you will see them and you can see roku premier plus as well in the list you can tap on it and find to play whatever you want to play it doesn't seem to be preserving bookmarks either so it's not good is the chrome cast experience is but you can actually work within the chrome cast inner face to get stuff over there.

A newly other app that works ease in my opinion is Netflix but other's out there may be available that's also very easy to use i am not comparing it with the chrome cast but it's easy to install in your phone and can be used for watching phones data in to roku.

it is a warning roku supports 4k at 60HZ and HDCP 2.2 even the enetry level premier roku need those resolutions fame rates and colours spaces as well.
You have to make sure your television supports HDCP 2.2 if yes you are welcome to use roku devices but if your tv is older and doesn't support that standard of copy protection you won't be able to play Netflix videos.

Continuing the topic like a 4k vidoes and many other providers have their 4 k content can be displayed depends on their content may be your television may support their copyright protection may be not. So if you buy the 4k tv and its HDCP 2.2 then you are proudly fine but older sets may or may not have this support i also have faced it as well.

Before buying a smarttv you should check it supports 4k at 60HZ and HDCP 2.2 it supports the copyright protection standard because if its absent you don't completely enjoy the roko.

What's commen in roku devices??
Have a look

Roku premier

Nicely performing device for the most part if you can spend little more you can get roku premier plus the difference between common roku premier and roku premier plus is the remote control which is only a voice control command but if you can't spend this money you can use your phone as well instead of it.

The big issue which was detected by the common roku premier and the roku premier plus is it doesn't not support the modern AC wireless standard that standard are most highlighted standards of the pas 2-3 years and is is special a lot faster specially for the 4k streaming so i think this device you might see more buffering or you sently see a longer delay between the time you want to start something invent it actually starts you also perhaps Netflix and other services reduce quality if it runs with some slow it may not be disappointing issue while you are watching may not be as consistent if you see on other two devices that supports more modern wifi and wifi can get very tricky too on that which standard you are using but here the most part of the wifi here is the bit limiting and i think that will limit its 4k performance over all.

Roku streaming stick plus

Pay little bit more my suggestion is go with the roku streaming stick plus that is also a streaming stick that roku makes this one is only for HD televisions, this one will work hd tv and 4k tv it's supports the AC wireless standard as well to have a better wifi speed available and also have 10 i inch with power core give you a better sort and good signal now ofcourse you want to make sure that where ever you set these devices up you do have good signals from your wifi router or from your wifi match network unless this has this has a better antenna wifi support without spending extra money and i think you will have a better experience with using this roku streaming stick plus specially 4k content and it also supports the voice searches as well so i think this is the best buy head of the three.

Roku Ultra

In top of the line is Roku ultra which has the most dominant features and the most features is it can be connected by hard wire internet connection which is the most important feature as well which will not make weaker connections like wifi has like range issues the thing which you have to do is just plugin the internet wire and start streaming also supports wireless networks as well and it supports wireless ac network like the roku streaming plus does you can plugin the audio cable as well which connects the roku with receiver also supports HDMI jack like the other two devices do roku support digital digital 5.1 and compress dts but nor for the very hogher formats but it's about home videos you can plug in SD Card shot as well and you can connect and use usb as well you can watch movies and other programs that you have locally saved, the other thing which it has is the remote finder button it will findout the remote by pressing the button.

If you want to watch something and don't want to disturb your partner you can just plug in your headphone in the remote control and only you can hear the audio this is an other very amazing and heart touching feature you will love it roku gives headphone in box as well.

The thing which makes roku more attractive is the roku app in your phone you can also activate private mode from your smartphone you can apply this feature in other devices the roku as well but you have to connect headphone to your phone it's performance is great works very smoothly.

My opinion: if we look all the three devices Roku premier/premier plus Roku streaming stick plus Roku ultra I will recommend you Roku streaming plus It does support 4k hd videos nice internet speed as well price is also good can stream with good signals.

Roku Ultra | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player. Now includes Premium JBL Headphones. (2018)

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