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lenrue a10 manual

The Speaker having bluetooth and high level Bass. A10 lenrue manual are the speakers which have size and pair of 3W, and battery too which is fifteen hundred mAh, a10 lenrue manual can be played for 5×5 hours if fully charged you can us it out door as well as indoor..

Opinion About Lenure A10 Manual

Lenrue a10 manual?? thinking about the device?? Why to choose this one??
lenrue a10 manual has warranty which is valid for a one year it means for twelve month it's cool for those who thinks extra and here you go your problemhave been solved by lenrue a10 manual

Sound Quality of lenrue a10 manual

lenrue a10 manual have a good news for those who loves the bass having the pair of 3W speakers to make you feel good while enjoying the taste of music outdoor or indoor which facilitates you with the quality of crystal sound which is really clear and high quality.

Battery of Lenrue A10 Manual

Battery recharges in 3 to 4 hours, and can be used for 16 hours play time like 60/100 vol and the battery is Li-Ion battery lenrue a10 manual have a data cable which is used for charging purpose. You can bring it for picnic too.

A10 Bluetooth Lenrue speaker Manual board compatibility

You can see in the images too, The A10 Bluetooth Lenrue speaker Manual is well designed and very stylish, can be connected to you i devices and android devices too many more like echo dot computers laptops and some orher electric devices.

The lenrue a10 speaker specification

Comes with 1500 mAh 16 hours play time if using 60 out of 100 volume Almost thirty three feet range of bluetooth Can support 32Gb

Opening the lenrue a10 box will surprise you with

Speakers Cable User manual 3.5mm audio line All these are in the box

A10 Bluetooth Lenrue speaker Manual features with details

    High standard Sound
lenrue a10 speaker have high performance speaker which bass is really amazing, sound is very good and clean too you can enjoy your taste indoor or outdoor.
    Compatibility with other devices
lenrue a10 manual Can work fine with TF cards up to 32 GB, is also friendly with laptops, computers, smartphones, televisions, psp and some more like 3.5mm bluetooth devices.
    Built in mic
it can support playback (TF cards) with a nice quality of sound also handsfree and a good battery allow you to use it for long 16 hours
    Easy to move
You can bring it there and here again and again because it's weight is 581 gram so that is is very easy to move form one place to an other.

Information of Lenrue a10 manual 

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