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Air Navigation Pro v2.0.5 Apk

Air Navigation Pro v2.0.5 Apk

Air Navigation pro apk v2.0.5 the pro app for monetizing any route of you flight with gps support. air navigation pro app available with VFR pilots.

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Air Navigation Pro v2.0.5 download apk

So here you can download this app for free air navigation pro v2.0.5. Air navigation pro used for collecting information of air flights planning for route of flight this app assists you for any technical information needed.

air navigation pro 2.0.5 icon
air navigation pro 2.0.5 icon

air navigation pro 2.0.5 apk download

worldwide information of air flight and route you can check all about these air flights..

moble map feature

The app can show you mobile/movable map display where you can set edit and plan you path way for the flight. Approach charts show you the real geographical features of land to takeoff purpose of flight and for landing this show you all feature to reduce and uncertainty.

air navigation pro v2.0.5 screenshot

3d map views

you can get the free chart and also paid chart on the website of air navigation pro charts you can also find ICAO map chart. That works with 3d Geo-referenced.

Alert, Traffic Alarm and other

use GPS for the airplane and other medium of flight to get proper sensor information. Also you will be able to set your alarm or limits for remaindering if limit reached. By using this feature you can reduce the uncertainty during flight. Create new routes and pathway for you airplanes and helicopter. live tracking your selected aircraft night vision and other external modules can connect. This app supports 3.1 android version to android version 5.1.1

file size. 28.00mb


Click here to download Air navigation pro 2.0.5 apk

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