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Samsung SmartThings ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit

Samsung SmartThings ADT Wireless Home Security Starter Kit

Samsung SmartThing ADT wireless home security starter kit is a home security level and best product of 2019

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Samsung SmartThing ADT Wireless Security kit:

To be aware about tge Samsung SmartThing ADT security kit is the Highiest Guard of your home its a brand good rcognize for home hub, it has alots of functions and less expensive for all who want to take their home security to best controle of their selfs.

Kot of security
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Samsung smartthing ATD security wireless well design for security level it has completly comes by two sensors a motion sensor and body hub Which gives you best security system, Seven 7 inch LCD with protect good quality of HD image and well resource.

Samsung smater security kit buy online


f you are not at home you went anywhere once so easy you can check in your mobile app all the stutus of your home,if office so office,if any businnes level you adjest to it will easy give you the stutes.


Key specs: Remorte controle 
capabalaties: yes 
Network connectivity: 
z  vave,zigbee 
Work with: Google,Assentant,SmartThing Number of sensors included: 
Three Detaction: 
Detactor type: contrat motion 
Connectivity: wireless
                             indoor,out door use 
Power: battry powerd 
General: white cOlour

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