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Samsung galaxy earbuds bluetooth true wireless

Samsung galaxy earbuds bluetooth true wireless

The oriegnal Samsung galaxy earbuds are here to introduced 2019 latest version which is soft and comfortable for special using

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 Samsung Galaxy Earbuds.

Today enjoy the Samsung Galaxy buds wow which is the latest modle of samsung company here today at the top of world tecnologies are avilable, the samaung budsare wirelesss and so good for ear which gives you relixtion while using it day and night, For song,watching moves and plays game the sound will catch heart of lisnter.when you walk then keep it the enjoyment will give you moee and more happiness while working or without working easy to use,battery capacity is 58 mAh, and case capacity is 252 mAh.

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Samsung galaxy buds

 Power up to ON:

13 hours and with case of double batterywireless charger,

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 The battery is so good of buds samsung galaxy.


   Item weight: 4.8 ounces 

Product: 1.6 x 3.7 x 3.4 inch 

Wireless: wireless comunication bLuetooth

Samsung buds two pairs
High Quality of product

Samsung Galaxy earbuds 2019
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Different colors

 Dear Costumors These all Product are Of AMAZON Which is trusted Site Be confident Buy and shop online.


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