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scoot hands free drone

scoot hands free drone

Mini hand drones are those drones which can fly by hand with the source of sensors the design of hand drone

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 Hand Flying Drone:

The super hero hand flying drone so easy to fly high in the air by hand no need of remorte to controle just fly by hand with the posible range so sasy functions just has one button to make the drone OFF/ON. This is the best tecnical toy for the age of kids 5 to 15 years,the kids when they fly scoot drone they charm and enjoy so much amoung the friends. Charging system is so easy direct connect and recharge it.

Drone mini
UFO smart Drone
The drone rotates around 360 lift right,up and down,USB charging kit as well lights.

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Keep your hand down of the unique drone  and see the best magic of flying and enjoying with friends.

Different colors

Red vs Blue

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