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i12 bluetooth earbuds

i12 bluetooth earbuds

I12 earbuds is the wireless bluetooth of world famous earbuds now a days the fassion of life is i12 TWS bluetooth 2019

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i12 bluetooth Earbuds:

No need to explain because everyone know about the i12 bluetooth Tws wireless Earbuds which is smart for youngers and the unique style of this earbuds i12 bluetoothis sourranded by 3d and clear voice which feels like soft,and feeling charm the listner more and more its wireless smart touch controle easily.

i12 bluetooth earbuds get best choise from Amazon
I12 TWS bluetooth earbuds


ITEM NAME: Bluetooth earphones
 Product Weight: 4-5g single earphone
 Working time: 3-4 hours 
Charging box
 Charging cable Single earphone
 battery capacity is 35 mah 
 Wireless distance 10 m. 
3d aourrand sound,
 Bass mucic option.

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I12 Wireless Bluetooth

Wireless product
Smart Earphone

This i12  bluetooth is the fomic and soft while watching movies and playing games with high resolation

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