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i10 TWS] Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

i10 TWS] Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

I10 TWS wireless BlutoothEarbuds has their own quality its the latest tecnology and well brand

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  i10 TWS wireless Blutooth:

  Different kinds of blutooths are there but i10 is the unique and smart wireless blutooth which is so comfortable and easy to wear and listen the music,watch moves,play Games the sound is soft and bass is slow and 12 hours if you keep in ear do not take tension will be relix . The i10 blutooth is so Good quality.

[i10 TWS] Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: Amazon
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Auto paring with any device.
 It can support phone,mobile laptop. 
No video ltency at all.
 Upgraded version. 
Upgrated chip. 
Blutooth v5.0
 Waterproof good for all. 
USB type chargjng port.



High in Quality. 
1.1 rep
 Pair with any phone,mobile tablet,system,macApple. 
No flashing light durning using mobile.
 3.5 back play time 
hours 4 hours talk 

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