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Electric folding mini ebike 2019

Electric folding mini ebike 2019

The folding mini ebike its electric bike effects great style light wieght and ncheer folding

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 The folding Ancheer mini bike

The ancheer folding mini electric bike is leading the icon of ebike,for years Ancheer has not only providing the ebikes and invition the tecnologies but aloso giving a good materials of electric bike to satisfy riders, the ebike is the super electric bike do not take tension now because is the best option for you to take the ebike you will be at the time at home,no traffic jam no tension because its mini folding bike to take easy and go fast best option to buy and enjoy..

Electric folding mini ebike 2019  buy online
Electric motor bike

Electric mini folding ebike

Electric moni folding bike is the high quality it has a good folding fram and unique style so many spicicic parts of the ebike including folding pedals,pressure bell,LED meter,battery power indecator removeable bettary with tge 36v 8ah battery you can tavel 15 miles to 30 miles on one charge, and you can change tge battery on/off by you own convience do not worry it can be full charge in just 4 or 5 hours.

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Electric motor ebike keypoints

Load capicaty is 220 lbs, meter is 3 speed smart meter button,wheels 16 inches mountain bike wheels, vihicle weight is about 20k, break high front and rear disc breaks,fram high carbon steal, charging time is 4 to 6 hours,


Electric motor bike

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