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dji spark honest review

dji spark honest review

Dji spark Drone is quality of of Dji its the latest verion of 2019 good design 1080 p full HD video Drone and agile in the air.

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 Dji Spark Drone.

Dji spark drone quadcopter features and camera with motorize and stablazition to capture 12pm photo 1080 full hd video and selfies with good conditions if you look for dynamic pics and unique sflyes so connect with smartphone and start recording,3d direction system Dji spark quadcopter battery is powerful micro usb cable and 15 mints flyng capacity of drone for tge user. The strange vision GPS navigation is used for indoor and out door easy to control best remote option one button make off,on. THE BEST drone of company.

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Dji spark 2019

Detail and features.

Up to 1.2 mile control rang contro edit with Dji app, Top speex of 31 Mph in sport mode up to 16 minutes flying time, Tracking from varius angles GPS vision poaition baaed navigation,

Dji latest verion
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   Info of Product:

 = Item weight: 2.35 pounds 
= Shiping weight: 2.4 pound
 = Manifacturer: spark Rc 
= Battery: polymer

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Hight Quality  Drone

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