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drone DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD

drone DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD

Dji phantom 3 professional 4k and high level drone is prograssing which is sourceable and best 4k captures

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 Dji phantom 3 professional.

Dji phantom 3 professional series hit the market and in 2019 the boss phantom 3 professional drone is super and heart of people because its designed so cute and powerful fantastic grip and stronge take up and smooth land off the phantom 3 professional axis 4k UHD with high resulation everywhere at the top of mountaion,at the peek of stone,at adge of hills ,at the corner of walls, 1080 live streaming and HD videos in best condition live direct from the Dji phantom 3 professional drone. SO great in GPS system from tge zone which you have taken,a d land at the same point where you need to land.

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Dji Phantom 3 professional Drone


Complete control keep in your hand be carefull do not let the phantom 3 without control of your aerA, before flying must read features, the unique mode is help you to accesing you how to fly safe be uses in the limeted area. It has High HD camera recording 1080p 120 fps alow motion vdeos in a good envirment The mavic air capture your all memoriable scens . Its 3D and fortable easy to take and easy to get everything anywhere. Your all control is is your mobile and your fingertips.

Drone Dji phantom

     contains And About:

 = Battery charger 1 
= Aircraft body 1 
= Remote controllor 1 
= Intelligent battery 1 
= 16 gb mirco card 1 
= Mirco usb cable 1 
= Anti drop kit 2 
= Stickers 5 gold,blue,white,red,silver and pink.

Get it on amazon = Battery charger 1  = Aircraft body 1 = Remote controllor 1 = Intelligent battery 1 = 16 gb mirco card 1 = Mirco usb cable 1 = Anti drop kit 2 = Stickers 5 gold,blue,white,red,silver and pink
Professional 3 phantom 2019 remote


 Dear Costumors These all Product are Of AMAZON Which is trusted Site Be confident Buy and shop online.


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