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apple iphone xr 64gb

apple iphone xr 64gb

Apple iPhone XR (64GB) - Red [works exclusively with Simple Mobile its the series of brand And Apple

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Apple Iphone XR 64GB -red.

Fantastic like before its reknown company By the name of Apple its brand Apple iphone XR 64GB red is super hit mobile which has 64 gb memory and cool function wide screen and full intresting mobile beautiful color which dedact every one its the best colour for both boy and girls. The smartest and powerfull chip it has its called brand Just the mane is enough for others.

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Apple Iphone XR

 Info About Apple:

Iphone xr 6.1 display, 

The largest desplay LCD ever in iphone, Wide color gumut, 

Its good save smartphone which maintaince itself from dust, 

It has wireless charging which everyone like now a days,

 It has deep controle the best smartphone for uaing amoung friends,

fAmily and others fellows, 

Its afodable for everone, 

Its camera is super and simple lens camera which is the highiest result in the age of mobiles. 

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Brand                  Apple

 Series               iphonex

 Operting system  Apple iso

 CoLor class        red 

Screen 6.1

 Talk time upto 25 hours 

Camra phone    yes 

3g and 4 g yes

  Processor type chipest

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Different colors different styles unique and strange models best ideas for the world stronge software hasr hardware reknown company Apple.

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