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Sony X950G 55 Inch TV 4k

Sony X950G 55 Inch TV 4k

The full detail of sony x950G is introduced here 4k,HD smart mobile TV+LED mode 2019 get online

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 Sony X950G 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR:

Sony X950G 55 inch Tv 4k ultra Hd smart TV is world wide recomended series of sony company the best qolaty of product is produce by sony which is called in the intire work orignal. This has alots of function HDR high optimization of gaming ,voic, HD movies of Horor,play stations game in the work the sony is number 1 bosting company of the world. Reknowns by their products. Sony X950G with a powerfull processor which can controle easy all beauty LED strongly.

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Sony X950G 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR

 Key Features:

 Display type: LED

Resolution: 4k ultra Hd (38 48) 

Screen shape: flat 

Size: 55.0

 USB: 2

 SUPER HIT DISPLY THE best product of sony company..

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The best views of HD 4k Sony x950 tv Wide screen 55 inch big Cool looking tv. Smart and touchable good material product. Colour black.

Sony X950G LED Buy Online

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