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logitech z533 buy online

logitech z533 buy online

logitech z533 2.1 multimedia computer speaker w/3.5mm this product is tested by amazon supplier. Logitech z533 3 piece available color white, black.

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Logitech z533 multimedia 2.1.

Logitech z533 speaker for computer use this speaker for computer games hd movies and other related use. You can also connect this speaker to your mobile phone. Having top class sound quality its sound is more better than your computer and tv that this piece having two color white and black.

logitech z533 speaker image
logitech z533 pic

Logitech z533 Company Info.

First introduced in uae or amazon.ae site of uae the company name logitech company founded in 2 oct 1981 apples switzerland. Now on the speaker information some duscussion its 120 watt at the peak of 60 watt helps for the balancing sound connect 3 devices at a time. model number 980-001053.

speaker logitech z533 image
logitech speaker z533 image

This company 37 years ago started there electronics products.

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