TOP electric motorbike super73-z1

motorbike super73-z1

The fun design motorbike is so good easy to take everywhere by easy functon no need of petrole no money the super 73_z1 yellow allow the rider enjoy the experience of z1 with the good ability of cruise effortlessely with style,equipped with 500 watts and top speed of 20 mph,the super73-z1 is and formidable challanger in the electroic bike industry the new and yellow design to the Rider allows the corners smoothly.

Motorbike electric
Electric motorbike

2019 electric motorbike

Ride it anywhere openly no linces no petrole so much comfortable 1000 peak watts while riding the super motorbike 73-z1 has alots of advantages ,quick to reach you at you goal,back you at the time no need to saty in the traffic alots because its so amall and less capacity and space holder best choice to take and buy and e joy the life with electirc super73-z1.

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About electric motorbike

= speed 20mph 
= motor 500 wats mominal, 1000 watts peak motor
 = range 15 to 25 miles depending on rider weight
 = seat hight 27 
= wheel base 39 
= overall lenght 61 Enjoy the elctric motorbike.

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